Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Half Done

Half done is well begun.

I'm well begun.

I knew it wouldn't take long to knit the collar and after just an hours worth of time this morning, here we are.  Half done.  

The collars lovely shape comes from its use of short rows across the back of the neck Those are all done and now I just have a few inches straight to knit for length on the front and it will be done.  I'm working the collar on 4 mm needles and knitting quite tightly.  I hope the collar stays nice and firm and crisp looking. A sloppy shawl collar can kill the look of a sweater.  

The finishing will consist of grafting two seams at the underarm and sewing the collar front edge to the sweater.  I've woven almost all the ends in as I went along so there is just a check of them to make sure they are secure before I snip them and voila, it shall be complete.  Well, that and one other thing.

When the big guy tried the sweater on, it seemed a little short to me.  He thought it was ok, but I am going to snip off the ribbing and knit an extra couple of inches.  He is tall, with long legs, and he really doesn't need a short sweater making him look like Urkle. 

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Sandra said...

longer is always better. The Urkel look is not good on anyone...orthwit litpla