Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dirty. Tired. Sleep.

That was my evening.  Dirty.  Tired.  Sleep.  There will be more of these during gardening season.  We are doing a very big push to get everything done both at home and at the farm, in one fell swoop, so that all we need to do is water and wait.

I will be Dirty.  Tired. Sleep. again this evening, though I am going to try to get the collar finished early to morrow morning.   

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Sandra said...

I am FINALLY at the point with my gardens that I only need a quick tidy, a new layer of mulch and a (very) few annuals to brighten up some corners. It took a lot of years of perennial planting and moving to get to this point. The annuals and pot fillers will be bought in a few weeks, andput in, then other than watering, it's asummer of neglect. (which is perfect, since we are at the cottage on weekends...)