Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Different Sort of Knitting Thing

Sometimes knitting isn't just knitting.  Sometimes knitting is life and sometimes knitting is what takes you from dark places and into the light.  There are all sorts of knitting stories on the horizon, on blogs, in books, in the hearts and minds of so many knitters who have gained much from their association with the sticks and strings.  

Then sometimes, if you show up in the right place at the right time, there is that little something extra.  

One of the extras I have been following for a while now is the Savvy Girls podcast.  To say I am a devoted follower might be putting it mildly.  

I had the opportunity to go all 'fangirl' as I passed one of the Savvy Girls at a place and time that I was pretty sure was inappropriate (not a bathroom) or might easily have felt inappropriate to said Savvy.    I resisted the urge and then spent the next couple of days wishing I had at least stopped and said thank you for the podcasts.  Note to self: Resisting anything that could be seen to be 'fangirl' is usually smart.  Missing an opportunity to say thank you is foolish. 

If you haven't heard of the Savvy Girls Podcast, you should.  They talk knitting and travel and sister silliness in a way that reminds me of my own sisters.  You will be guaranteed visits by SavvyMom and various and sundry other Savvy friends and relatives, most notably the gerbils, seriously interesting gerbils (and I don't even like small rodents).  If you listen to the whole archive, you get the bonus of hearing Savvy Dad and his wisdom and wit too.

The Savvy Girls don't just knit.  Savvy Melanie is a singer and actress.  She has had several productions in the Fringe Festival here and has taken the shows around North America.  

Savvy Melanie's latest venture is  Knitting All the Day, a CD of knitting songs from the early 20th century.   Who knew?

Well, Melanie did. 

My personal favourite is 'Knocking at the Knitting Club' but I confess to a fondness for the whole darn thing. 

The radio just doesn't play songs like these and for those long drives across the prairies, a CD like this is a must.  It's probably better if you listen and resist the urge to sing along unless you are alone.  Then sing away.  It is the perfect album for it. These are the perfect songs.

Peppy, happy, sad, purposeful.  Those are the things that come to mind when I listen to the previews.  

Now I must go and sort out formats and such so I can purchase!


Melanie Gall said...

Wow, that is the nicest blog post ever! It has already been tweeted and Facebooked just about everywhere.

As Deborah is mostly not in Edmonton, I assume it was the two of us who almost met. Are you sure it wasn't a bathroom? It usually is... ;)

SavvyGirlDeborah said...

What a kind and thoughtful blog entry! Thank you for saying such wonderful things. You brightened my day!

Brendaknits said...

THANK YOU for this link. I have never heard of these girls But I'm a fan now too.