Sunday, 29 April 2012

About afternoon

I knit steadily till abut mid afternoon.  And then I had to stop.  My hands just were not going to do it.  It is looking great.  Really just how I wanted it to be.  What a great combination of yarn and project.  And please heaven above, let it fit!

So I busied myself with some other stuff.  I took my spiffy new flick carder outside and dumped out the lovely Columbia fibre and I flick carded a bunch.  

You can still see the very fine crimp in this.  I love that about this very minimally processed fibre.

Its like a box full of tiny little clouds.  So very soft and not at all damp or cold like a cloud would be, but warm and soft and baby delicate.  I hope it spins up to be something just as fine.  I can't wait to see it.  It is going to require a little bit of a different technique, maybe a spin from the fold, but I think I would rather try it my usual short forward draw first. 

Before I can get there, I have to deal with a little something on my wheel.  It is taking up all my bobbins right now.  I have to ply the fibre I was spinning all last summer.

I have two bobbins of singles left and I might as well get them empty too, while I have the gumption to do so.  Having something that I want to do badly, like work with the Columbia, will help me get something I wasn't all that much in love with out of the way.

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