Monday, 30 April 2012

The Spinning

Once again, I have knit on the sweater till I could not knit anymore.  The neckline is rapidly decreasing and it isn't going to take long to get this puppy done.  I'd show you pictures but there not really that much more exciting than what I showed you last.

So I will move on and show you this.

My spinning.  My first real yarn looks and acts like real yarn.  

Very handspun looking.  Its the beginning blorphy yarn wrapped with a rather good looking 2nd bobbin done by a more practiced hand.    It looks a trifle underplied here too, but this is again, the oldest of it matched with a newer more tightly twisted.

This 2nd side of the skein looks much more balanced, much more evenly spun, better plied.   Overall, I am well pleased.  It is o the border between  laceweight and fingering.  I thought it would be more of a fingering weight but I am thrilled that it got so fine.  It was not what I expected on my first go at a light weight.

It is still drying, so I can't really measure or weigh it.  And remember, this is only half of it.  I expect the next skein to look even better.  Both of the bobbins were after I was well practiced.

I do have one question.  Just where did the turquoise blue come from.  It is in there but as heaven and Frazzeledknitter are my witnesses, there was no turquoise, not even this soft pale shade, when I started.  Green?  Yes.  Blue?  Not a drop.  

Mysteries abound.


Sandra said...

lovely! I'm resisting the siren call of spinning, and surprisingly doing well withthat. Me, who has to try every craft out there is fining it hard to resist. But, I see your first yarn, and now I"m thinking...

Brendaknits said...

It is gorgeous. But I am like Sandra - Please not another craft. I have so many friends who spin, but I too have resisited - so far.