Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I have to tell you something else, something I have not forgotten about, but something that I was not allowed to tell you about till after Christmas, because the giver said I must leave it alone till after Christmas.  (It almost killed me)

And then it just never happened.  I forgot to tell you.  I am sorry about that.  It is one of those things you really must share with friends.

I was given a gift of some of the very very delicious Loft , Brooklyn Tweed's new fingering weight yarn.   Oh my.  

 Spun by Harrisville, it has a depth and quality all its own. And the colours.  Oh my.  The photo does look pretty good but in truth it is yummier.  Besides that pretty box of yarn to ponder over, in my view everyday for the last few weeks, has been a pretty gift bag full of delightful yarn and some very charming birds.  

Pretty, Yes?

And yes, Sandra and all my blog readers, I too wish we could all get together and knit.  I've been to Sigrun's house and oh my.  When my farmstead is ready, Sigrun and I will be neighbours.  We aren't quite around the corner neighbours but country neighbours,  the just a little way down the road sort of neighbours.  It is only a short drive down the way.  Sigrun and I will get together one of these days to knit and toast our cup of tea to all of you!    

Knitting has brought so many good things to me.  So many many wonderful people and very very close friends, both near and far away. 


Sandra said...

Jealous! Of the yarn and of being country neighbours...

Brendaknits said...

Oh My. For Sure. Beautiful yarn. And you are so right about what knitting has brought to our lives. It is truly a gift.