Tuesday, 10 January 2012

After digging in the stash

I was digging in my stash the other day with my daughter in law ( Yes she knits. No not obsessively, but most of the young women from eastern Europe learn when they are young. I aim to fix that!) and because it was very late at night, I let it percolate over night.

When I did, the two buckets of yarn that we had open seemed to get all mixed up together.  There was Cascade 220 everywhere.     

The next morning while contemplating the sorry state of my space as I sipped coffee, I noticed a little bit of sweet magic.

 The cascade 220 is a perfect bridge between the Mini Moochi at the front and the Nuna at the back.  

I doubt that I would knit them together, but isn't it pretty how the colours all just work? 

I have some very pretty things.  Sigh.  B)


Sigrun said...

Have you ever used a teleidoscope? I have one. It's like a kaleidoscope, but it doesn't provide any color--it uses the colors in whatever you point it at. It's great for choosing quilt colors or matching yarns. When you come to the farm, if you have time, book "an appointment" for coffee and knit talk and play with the teleidoscope.

Sandra said...

You have some VERY pretty things... And I wish I lived close enough to knit with you and Sigrun.

Brendaknits said...

Mini Mooci and Nuna. Some might ask wha tlanguage we are speaking. Yarn language of course.