Friday, 9 December 2011

Well, there you have it

Flights are booked and now we just need to pray that the visa stamping goes as planned and we are home free.

I expect a very busy weekend after all the recent excitement. There is knitting to be done.  There is baking and cooking to be done.  There is some shopping left to do.  Less than I thought till I sat down and started really sorting it out.  I do have to sort out the mom and dad gifts, but that will take a phone call to a sister to know what I need to do.  The biggest shortfall is in the knitting department.  

There is about 1/6th of the secret project left to go, and half of each of two sweaters.  One of those should be finished by the end of the weekend.  The bulky yarn covers a lot of territory quickly.  I anticipate reasonable speed on the other as well.  Being made from the bottom up, it get smaller from here on in.  There will be a small with more stitches on the needles as the sleeves and body are joined, but the raglan shaping will take care of any feeling of tediousness.

I am blessed in the choices I have made.  There is minimal finishing on both of these garments.  The wool one has felted joins as I go and does not have a lot of stopping and starting.  The beginning tail will be used for the short seams, and there shouldn't be much more than another couple of ends.

On the Remix sweater, I am using a technique suggested by a knitting friend and am weaving the ends in as I go.  Its is the same sort of technique that I use when I carry strands along the back for colourwork knitting.  Easy peasy and just a little tidying up of tails to do.  There will be a little bit of sewing and tucking to get the shawl collar set in, but that is about all.  

Little finishing, diminishing number of stitches, few ends.  My kind of knitting!

And just to get you started right...

 My kids loved this once.  

The thousandth time?  Not so much.

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Brendaknits said...

Hope you get as much done as you expect. Good for you.