Thursday, 8 December 2011

This blog should talk

This blog should talk about knitting today.  This blog promised to talk about knitting and only knitting this week.  And this blog was going to talk about knitting when she got out of bed this morning.  This blog was in fact, going to talk about knitting, right up until when she sat down and turned on the computer.

But that blog that I planned to write is gone and there is nothing that I want to tell you except that my daughter in law will be here for Christmas.  

Forgive me for shouting, but 

My daughter in law will be here for Christmas.  

She got the call from the embassy this morning that they want her to bring her passport in and that they will have her visa ready for her by Tuesday.  

I have a lot of knitting, baking and decorating to do!


Mrs. Spit said...

That is the very best of Christmas Presents!

Sandra said...

woo hoo! what terrific news! there is no better gift you could get. My best to you and your family.

Brendaknits said...

That is wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

So excited for Anthony!! What a wonderful Christmas gift! Will you be in SK for the holidays? We are anxious to meet her!!