Monday, 12 December 2011

Done and done

My daughter in law is now, technically, a resident of Canada.  Even though she has never been here! The papers say she is.  7 days till she arrives. I am so very very happy for both of them.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

I'm binding off the ribbing.  I worked on it an hour yesterday.  I'm not yet half done. 

I know.  Because it is the outer edge of an almost circle, it needs a good stretchy bind off.  I am doing Jenny's stretchy bind off.  There is no doubt in my mind that this was the right way to go.  It gives just the right finish and it has all the give  I could want.  But because it is ribbing, there is a regular yarn over and a backwards yarn over and I keep getting the two mixed up.  It makes a huge visual difference at this gauge.  

Pretty, pretty.  After the ribbing, there remains only cuffs and two really short seams to call it complete .  I can't wait too see it in alol its glory.  A big snuggly beautiful wrap you up in cozy sweater.

I'm taking it to town today to look for closures. A pin means you could wear it in a dozen ways but there are also some funky closures from Nicki Epstein that would look great.  

I love this stage in knitting things.  It is so close to done, I can taste its goodness.


Sigrun said...

Congrats to your son and his bride. Will you be bringing her to the farm and while you're on the way, to the greenhouse? Do you have something lovely and cozy knit up for her for a welcome?

Erin Kate said...


Also, your knitting in progress looks so pretty.