Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I can't show you the secret projects just yet.  They won't be delivered till mid January when we will make a trip to Saskatchewan.  And ummmm...I did not quite finish them yet.  One to go.

So I shall show you what I did finish.  The gray sweater is done and looked fantastic on the wearer.  No one could ever doubt how warm and cozy it is.  I would show it to you if I had taken a photo of it but all I have in the Christmas photos is goofy photos and I don't know that my daughter in law would want that.  (We all had beards!)

What I can show you is a little something that I finished yesterday.  

  I really love how this turned out but as you can quite clearly see, I ran out of yarn.  About 8 rows short to be precise.  I thought about ripping back and alternatig rows of plain black and the multi, but I decided not to.  The extra weight of the black edge looked ok by me.   

And then I confess, I sat about, wondering what to do next.  That is a hard thing in a room full of yarn.  So many choices.

I pulled out 3 skeins of Briggs and little sport that I had hiding in a basket just waiting for such an occasion.  I started what will be a shawl, though I am not sure it will be the one I started.  

I bought the yarn with the intention to make an Icelandic sort of shawl though what I started knitting was more of an old fashioned Sontag, the little shawls that one ties behind your back that covers you much like a modern sweater.  I need a little something like that.  Something that stays just where you put it when you get dressed in the morning and stays tidy while working all day.  

I'm still not quite sure what I will do with it.  Its more of a gauge swatch right now.  I ought to have it sorted by the morning.  

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