Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Knitting in Dangerous Times

This is a dangerous time, this time after and before.  It is the time where last year I finished just one more project, but this year have absolutely no motivation to finish anything more.  

I just want to start.  Something.  Anything.  A hundred things.

If I let myself I would start a dozen things.  I started one
and now that it is working out just fine, my fingers itch to start another.  I've been wanting to work with this yarn for months.  Its been sitting, gently calling me from its perch at the top of the pile.  It is Briggs and Little Sport and I have a good feeling about this yarn.  It will make just the right sort of warm snuggly wool shawl, the kind of wool shawl you wear when you want to be comfy, that you wear when you sit in front of the fire reading...not that there ever seems to be time to sit in front of a fire reading.

Much as I love the idea of this shawl, I would turf it to the side as soon as knit it. Oh my itchy fingers.  

I would love to cast on for something colourwork, something small, a pair of mittens maybe. Type the word 'Selbuvotter' into Google and look at the images.  How could you not want to knit that?  Or Google 'Latvian mittens' 

How could seeing things like that not lead to itchy fingers?
And then there is the tremendously pretty snowflake vest from Folk Vests.  

These are dangerous times for a knitter, this time after and before.  Who knows what might get cast on?

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