Thursday, 29 December 2011

Who says so?

I do feel a burden when I have too many things in the work in progress basket.  It just starts to wear a person down when the basket morphs into 2.  

But what about when you frog one project and start doing something else with the yarn? Surely no one would say that contstitutes a new project and another WIP? Its is the same thing only different from what it was when I started playing with it.  

So the thing I started early this morning isn't new.  It's me being good and working on a WIP because  I say so.  And if I keep saying it often enough, I might believe this isn't a new project.

I started by picking a lacy pattern.  

I did a cute little scarf some time ago in this old Dutch pattern.  Its really quite lovely to knit.  Rhythmic, only 4 rows.  My kind of lace.  

Then I started thinking about how am I going to knit it.  Bottom up?  Top down?  

Top down I think.  Top down simultaneous set in sleeves, which is fast and firm, my favourite way of knitting sweaters.  I've got a bit of the neckline done, but not enough to show you anything. 

The yarn is a simple, ordinary cotton.  A good old fashioned cotton, Carezza from Italgamma.  It is inexpensive and crisply spun but not shiny and mercerized.  With its soft finish and its demin like blue colour, it should be the perfect bridge between jeans and jean skirts and the office. 

The time for knitting warm winter things is done. (Maybe.   Its Canada.  You never really know.) Though it is the middle of wool season, the same as seed catalogues and Sears Summer catalogue show up about now, this is the time to get ready for spring.  In knitting, that means cotton and all sorts of other yummy plant based fibres. 

So, its not new knitting day here at Chez Needles.  Because I say so.

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Sigrun said...

Have you tried the contiguous method of top-down knitting? There's a group on Ravelry. I'm intrigued by this.