Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The good, the bad and the mistake.

I've finished the bind off.  It was long.  Very long.  All that remains of the sweater is to do the cuffs and sew up the short side seams.  

They really should be done by now, but my hands are giving out.  There is just no way I will get the sweaters done before Christmas.  None at all.  I am a little disappointed but it was not going to be do-able unless I was not working and I am, so that is that.

The worst part is I'm pretty sure that Son2's sweater is too small.  As I knit this snuggly warm one of my daughter in law, I realized how much more relaxed it was, how much more easy it was on my hands.  It was needles are so large that they usually make my hands ache, and the thick very thick yarn doesn't help, but still, a much more relaxed knit than the Remix sweater.

Remix is in a weight I prefer and a fibre I love and yet it was not so much fun as it should be - I know this or it would be done.  I think I am knitting it too tightly.  The fabric agrees.  

I went back to my swatch and checked gauge.  I measured the sweater and even though it says it is right, it looks too firm and too ...well, just too.  I want to restart it on slightly larger needles and there is no time to do so, and I am a little heartbroken that it isn't going to be done.  

I might finish it if I didn't take time to decorate the house or book or do any cooking at all, but those things must be done too.    So the deal is I will have two and a half sweaters done before Christmas, but no way will I make 3. 

So an evening devoted to cuffs and sweater 3 down.  Then I will rip back sweater 2 to the ribbing and will restart.  The ribbing will be fine I think, I just need to get more ease into the body fabric and a few more stitches just above.  A softer drapey fabric will make a world of difference.  Maybe the knitting goddesses will bless me and will make the knitting go fast and happy and joyful.  

I'll hope for that. 

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Brendaknits said...

I. Just. Hate. It. When. That. Happens. My sympathies.