Tuesday, 20 December 2011

And so it goes

Arrived.  And we are so glad.  

Now back to our regularly scheduled knitting.  There is going to have to be a real push to get the fall's long secret project out of the way.  Mr. Needles will be delivering it...that is if he gets to go to Saskatchewan over the holidays.  The doctors are not letting him off so easy just yet.  More antibiotics are going to be needed.  Oh well.

I have about an inch of cuff left to do and then some short seams and sweater number three is complete.  I'm still miffed about not getting sweater 2 done, but I spoke to the gentleman in question and he claims he will survive.  He might but I really wanted to have it done for the holidays.  He is being awfully good natured about it, so I am going to work my buns off after the holidays to get it done.

And without the pressure of a deadline, I anticipate having a lot of fun with it.  I really do like the yarn.  Its the perfect guy look and all that simple stockinette of Brooklyn Tweed's design, are just right.  Very very guy. The bonus to all this is that I am going to have said gentleman try on what I have done already, so I can see just how much more I need.  I'll be able to move on with complete confidence, a much more interesting way to knit.

And then after Christmas, during that long time before gardening and yardwork, there is a winter full of knitting just for me. October, November and December have been mostly about knitting for those I love and care about, and it is time for a little bout of selfish knitting.


Brendaknits said...

Starting the new year off on a selfish knitterly foot. Sounds good to me.

Sigrun said...

Well, some people have a long winter without gardening. We're in the greenhouse on Feb. 15th. But it's a pleasure at that time.