Monday, 19 December 2011

One last day

One last day.  I spoke with our son yesterday afternoon and you know, if his smile was any bigger, his face would crack right in two.  

This part, this day is much harder for our daughter in law.  Its got to be a tough thing to leave your world behind.  A hundred years ago, many many young Ukrainian men and women did so before her and thrived and I pray that she will too.  But I have no doubt it was a very hard thing to take that last turn at the airport and wave goodbye to her mum and grandma and go through into the secure waiting area at the airport.  

One short flight to Frankfurt, one longer flight to Calgary and then a very short hop home. 


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Sandra said...

fingers crossed for safe flights, short layovers, and easy partings. Leaving your world behind is hard, but knowing you are coming into a new world filled with love has got to make it easier.