Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All is right with the world.

I wish there were more hours in a day, but there isn't so I am going to have to fit my expectations into what time I have.  

My daughter in law is coming out on Friday to help me and to make vereneki.  I'd like to get the meatballs ready and to get the turnips prepped for the oven and stuff the potatoes.  The salad ingredients will be prepared and ready. Happy.  

I hope to make some dinner buns and some poppyseed rolls but I think the rest of the baking is going to be store bought.  We haven't made it to desert in years. The boys have always just liked to go back late in the evening for a turkey and dressing sandwich.  (I admit that is my favourite part too).  So, desert will be my moms traditional low stress light desert, strawberries and icecream. Plus if anybody wants to come back for brunch the next day, I have strawberries for on top of the french toast. Happy.


Grocery list made.  Check.

Husband. Check. Son 1 and spouse.  Check. Son 2, the sweater guy.  Check on alternate under the tree gift, sweater OK after Christmas. Son3.  Check. Mom and Dad. Sister did.  Check.  FIL and MIL, Mr. Needles takes care of. Check.  Sisters. Almost check, but I don't need them till just after Christmas.

I should have just the right amount of time to make it to knitting tonight for just an hour. And since I will be working on the last of the knitting, I feel really good about that.  

The house might be a disaster, the gifts are not quite wrapped and the kitchen?  Well lets just not go there, OK? Its going to be messier before it is clean.  It won't be quite the Christmas of my dreams but then they never really are, are they?  

I will be surrounded by all my family.  There will be way too much good food.  A woman could not ask for more.  

All is right with the world.


Mrs.Spit said...

No one ever notices the kitchen. Just the food and love that comes out of it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas! Enjoy it all!

Sigrun said...

Amen, sister.