Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Will she or won't she

I have to admit I am worried about getting the sweaters done before Christmas.  I'm worried about my other little things getting done before Christmas too.  Still, there are enough hours and I must just be more diligent.  

Diligence has suffered these last few days. I have been thinking a lot of lace and dreaming of shawls and light elegant things I could wear and wrap myself up in, but I think these dreams are interfering with my focus.  I scurry to bed at night to read the lace books I have up there and contemplate what stitch patterns I would use if I was doing my own.  I plan an order of shawls that I would make from among my many books.  But really I should be doing a little more work on what is before me.

To be completely honest, my worry over son 2's sweater and its too shortness is getting in the way.  I am worrying about its size too.  I mean if its too short, it might be too small too, right.   I have lost my faith in the math even though I redid all the numbers and it seems ok.

I think this is part of sweater knitting.  It belongs to the massive middle of a project, the part where it seems like it is taking forever, the part where no matter how much you knit,  it never grows any longer.  Angst lives there.

I do have the other sweater to work on.  I should be knitting my heart out on it, but in a crisis of faith...

The crisis of faith will be done by this evening.  This evening is as much time as it can have.  So, excuse me while I have a bit of a talk with myself.  

Suck it up buttercup.  Get over it.  Move on.  Trust the numbers.  This too is knitting.

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