Monday, 28 November 2011

Having my priorities straight.

One of the biggest problems I face, that I think many of us face, is trying to find some way to have a good balance between home and work.  My previous office job felt like it took the life out of me and yet it did not, not really.  I am here, I'm still me.  

Working at the yarn store was just a blessing, the blessing of all blessings, so much more fun than anything I had ever done, will ever do or could even dream of doing again but still it was a very one sided way to live.

I have always known that no matter what I do, I want to live in the country, so when we  bought the farm a year ago, I knew that certain things would happen.  I needed to build barns and fences and plant trees and hay.  These things cost money.  A lot of money.  I knew that I would have to find a full time job. 

I did not want it to be at the store.  It would have taken all that I loved and turned it into a job.  I knew office work would be it.  But this time round, temp or not, I am making sure that I find a better balance of working and living.

I have my priorities straight.  I intend to eat my pumpkin pie before my dinner and intend to knit several hours before I go to work.  

Chores? They will happen, when they happen.  I have yet to see the dishes running away with the spoon.

Which always takes me to think of this.  

I've never had to wonder about why I like the little things. If I could have picked, I would have chosen that 'bigger chair for 2 more to curl up in.'  


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness that video takes me back!

I used to want to see just what books were on that shelf!

Sandra said...

that's the chair I always wanted! Except I wanted it as the "bigger chair to stretch out on..."
I do office work to help pay for things like a cottage, wool and other things we consider necessary. I"m lucky with my situation as my hours are pretty flexible.
And yes, chores are at the bottom of the list.

Anonymous said...

I hope you still have lots left to give yourself and your family after work these days. Thanks for the Friendly Giant snippets. I had forgotten about the part before Friendly let us into his castle. GD

Christine said...

I'd take the rocking chair. I love the Friendly Giant. Thanks for the video! Also, I miss you!! Hope we can knit or spin together one day/evening soon. I haven't been doing any spinning at all.