Sunday, 27 November 2011

I was just too tired to post Friday morning.  I just lay there and chatted with Mr. Needles till it was time to go.  Its hard to say how I am doing but I am starting to understand the questions I need to ask.  Its kind of scary and kind of fun!

There was not a lot of knitting during the week, though I think I compensated for it this weekend.  I was really hoping to have the Remix sweater joined a done a little ways up the yoke.  No such luck.  

The giftee was out this weekend and it seems that the arms are not long enough.  He tried the one completed arm on and it ended in that awful miserable place where it is not 3/4 and not nearly full length.   I remeasured him and guess what.  His arm and the sleeve measure to the same thing, 18 inches (from his underarm to wrist) and yet.... Sigh.
 I had not planned to compensate for elbow ease, figuring that over time it would grow just a little longer all by itself.   I'm not really sure what to do.  I did do an additional inch on one sleeve.  I might do more or might not leaving it to fate and post Christmas finishing.  I will think on it a little.  

Then I picked up the sweater for my daughter in law.  Right now it is just a very long piece, knit in stockinette, which will one day, be a square.  I worked on it till my hands simply refused to work the purls any longer. I tried working western style, wrapping and flicking the yarn and I tried to do a regular continental purl instead of my normal combined purl, but my hands were quite done.  They could no longer comprehend the instructions that my brain was sending.

When the brain is no longer capable of sending signals, where do I go?  Why to the kitchen of course.

I finished my day by making some pumpkin pies.  With all the American Thanksgiving stuff on TV, all the ads, all the hype, I have had a hankering for a couple of days now.  They will be done shortly and then, if I tuck one in the freezer to cool, should be just about right to eat before I'm ready go to sleep.  The perfect end to a lovely weekend.

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Brendaknits said...

Hope the hands feel better. Have you ever tried wearing a fingerless mitten to knit? It helps my hands - keeps them warmer and adds some cushioning against the pressure of the needles.