Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day 2

Again with the no touching of the ArtYarns.


I did come up with one other idea that fits the plan criteria.  I love the Undercurrent sweater from  Knitty First Fall 2011 I have some gorgeous  Noro Silver Thaw that would be just about perfect for it.  All I need is another yarn to coordinate.  There are a couple things at the downtown location that might work, but I didn't even get the chance to think about it.  Oh well.  I'm back there for a few days next week.  Maybe I'll get the chance to figure it out then.  

Now, for tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I am at the southside location.  Southside has some slightly different yarns.   I need another plan.  

All this planning is hard work. Maybe the plan should be to touch some of the Artyarns.  Touching it is the sort of thing I should probably schedule.  Its safer that way.

And in breaking news, Mr. Needles sweater is finally dry!

I was asking him to 'vogue' but I clicked the camera too soon.  He might have been voguing just after this shot, or maybe it was just that he was bent over laughing at the very idea...  


Sandra said...

Nice sweater! And my plan when I know I'm at a yarn store is to simply stop buying before I bankrupt myself...

Brendaknits said...

Bankruptcy doesn't carry the same disgusting stigma it once did!!
Your hubby looks great in his dew dry sweater. Very Very Voque IMO

Anonymous said...

The sweater looks good. Hope Mr N. likes it! GD