Friday, 4 November 2011


but no cigar.

I did not get away unscathed a third time.  We worked hard, but there still was time to shop a little.  I did't follow anybody's plan.
This is Diamond Yarns Luxury Collection Llama and Silk.  It kind of looks like an ordinary blue, a nice tweedy blue, but this is one of the yarns you have to see to believe.  It is one of those colours that defies photography.  

It is teal but not, turquoise, but not, navy but not.  It has depth and intensity that is hard to define.  It doesn't matter since it is mine. All mine.

I have enough for a nice long wide shallow triangular scarf.  Possibly a Shape It Scarf.  But first...

There is always work going on on the second sweater.  Remix is a seriously fine yarn to work with.  So much so that if I had the room I would buy a full bag in every colour.  Its that rare non wool yarn that might very well do everything well. It's like the Cascade 220 of non wool yarns, but it's tweedy and easy care.  There will be more in my future.

Sleeve one is done and sleeve two is underway.  There has not been much time to knit but  had there been, sleeve two should have been about half done.
Should have been but isn't.  This lovely cuff was about an inch wider than the first cuff and had to be completely reknit.  And when I was comparing first to second sleeve again last night, cuff two is several rows longer than cuff one and a couple inches has to be frogged to fix it.  

I have a ton of work to do today.  Working the last few days put a crimp in the laundry schedule and I am out of bread so I have to bake too.  These are both things that can happen alongside large amounts of knitting and if heaven works in my favour, there will be a significant part of the second sleeve done before I go to sleep tonite. 

And if I get sick of sleeves, I can always start working on the body.  The sleeves require increasing all the way up, so its knitting I have to pay attention to.  The body is just brainless stockinette.

I'm looking forward to brainless.  Brainless knitting is highly underrated.   


ThatLoganChick (Rebecca) said...

Love that Diamond Luxury Llama/silk/something else blend - I've been knitting with it the last couple of days. I'm designing a completely reversible long cowl / short scarf, to be worn either long or doubled up, with buttons to let the wearer turn it into a faux moebius as desired. So soft! The tweediness gives great texture and aesthetic interest, too.

Brendaknits said...

Thanks for the tip re Remix. I googled it and now want some in my stash too. Have fun with your baking, knitting day.