Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Weekend Cool

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I was at a wedding this weekend.  It was a nephews wedding to a lovely small town Saskatchewan girl.  

There are certain things that happen at small town Saskatchewan weddings. The food is amazing and homey and just like your mother made only you don't have to do the dishes.  You locate all the venues easily - just look for a large number of cars and the hall is across from the water tower.  The bar is down at the end of main street and someone knows which door is the right door - they've been there after a football game.  The hall is small and friends of the brides or the grooms are manning the bar and two cute girls man the guest book (hey, I watch stuff like this.  I have two very eligible bachelor sons, and I am in need of grandchildren - you never know when inspiration will strike them).  It is typical and the weddings are all the same.  They are warm and wonderful celebrations of friends and family and all the people in the place knows everyone else, or if they don't, they farm or the rest of their family does so there is always something to talk about.

And then, if you were at this wedding, there was a big band for the dance.  I know.  It is rare at all but the very biggest wedding to have a live band these days.  And when you do have a live band, it is an old fashioned polka and waltz band because those are the inexpensive ones.  But a full 16 piece orchestra, with horns and a rhythm section?  Never happens.  It was wonderful and unexpected and a lot of fun.  Stone Frigate Big Band  Way Cool.

So was the knitting.  There was the ordinary and expected sort.
They are comforting and fun and nice and stripey and just waiting for some afterthought heels.  

And then there is the little bit out of the ordinary.  

I expected the strong bright colours.  I choose the yarn because of that shot of yellow.  What I didn't expect was the little lozenges of fun and
I didn't even see the bright bands of clear primary blue till I took the picture this morning.

It was and excellent weekend.  

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