Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Significantly different.

Contrary to what the title implies, there is nothing significantly different in the knitting today.  I worked on the pretty little Damson shawl a little yesterday, and a wee bit  - two or three rows - on a sock and that was it.  Some days just end up not being busy with the knitting sort of days.  It was a working on the computer day and in this instance, that didn't mean spending hours on Ravelry looking at projects and dreaming.

Its going to be a little like that today too.  There are going to be a few days like that in the next week or so, but then I should be back to my normal knit all day self.  So, in advance, if the knitting content seems sketchy, well, my bad.

On the very upside, I have been asked to knit a sweater by one of my boys.  Granted he passed boyhood long ago, and he is a rather tall and broad shouldered man, he asked for a sweater.  

We had a disscussion on Facebook about colour (he did not care) and fibre (he wanted cotton, but substantial cotton), and we came up with this.

The warm yummy goodness of Berroco Remix.  I like it for several reasons.  Its completly made from recycled fibres.  Its got a significant  natural fibres content.  It feels good in my hands. It has a tweedy casual look. The colour is one of their new grays, with a warm brown undertone.  Its really quite striking.  Dressy an casual at the same time.  Manly.

I can't wait to knit it.  Had I been smart I would have taken his measurements when he was here last.  I could be knitting on it had I been smart.  But I wasn't, so I have to wait till I see him again.  What I can do is knit a swatch and I can do that today in the corners of the day. I'm a little excited. I'm a lot excited.

Someone very important to me asked for a sweater and that is significantly different.  

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Sandra said...

My boy is very proud of his hand knits. And he's only 12, so I haven't hit the teen "please don't knit for me" years yet. I'm hoping I don't. I love knitting for him. I've actually unravelled a denim sweater I knit for him as a toddler so I can reuse the denim yarn - It has memories already built in...