Monday, 3 October 2011

Sluggish of Head

I attended a wedding on the weekend and find after hours of driving and knitting and celebrating wedding and knitting and eating, I am a little sluggish of head.  

I should have linked to the video or better yet...

What I did was merely add the garment to the step where you are making the zipper knittable.  If I had not already had the bands done, I would have approached it differently.  The second side goes in today. I dearly hope I can repeat the sterling experience and results from the first side.  

The whole thing is very neat and is going to be the way I install zippers from here on in.

I did get some socks done and worked on yet another pair on the weekend. They are still in a bag in the front entrance.  I am entirely to lazy to go get them for photos now.  I'll get to them later.  


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