Monday, 10 October 2011

Playing around

I did a lot of knitting this weekend, but I wish I could have done more.  My hands always give out before my heart does.

So I tidied the ever messy study, and had to put away a lately come to me skein of Centolavaggi.  I've had a long love for this yearn...let's just pretend that was a spelling error, OK?  It was my first laceweight affair before I knit and it tipped me over the edge.  

I've collected some lovely lace yarns.  There was a show of it last year during camping season.  The show starts on June 7 and goes all week.  I've picked up a few pretty things since then.     

It occurs to me that though I love lace and have a large stash of beautiful things, delicate things, bright strong things, delicate dainty lacy things, there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting with it.  

This past year, I sort of promised myself that besides the WIPs, I would work on sweaters.  Maybe this coming year, I will work on shawls.  Concentrating on light lacy delicate shawls of elegance, daring, and loveliness unsurpassed sounds really interesting. 

Might be the yarn fumes talking, but shawls and lace are definitely going to be on the menu.

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Brendaknits said...

Take a look at Knitting To Stay Sane's post today to see her wonderful lace shawl. I don't make them - so I admire form afar.