Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bitten by the lace thing

Oh yeah.

After taking all my lace books upstairs for bedtime reading, after playing in the lace, I am ready to dream lace again.  

Last night I was reading Gossamer Webs.  I've always been just a bit intimidated by Gossamer Webs and delicate things that are Orenburg shawls.  But reading carefully, paying close attention to the details of construction, there are a couple things I noted that make me wonder if its all in my head.  

They are knit on small needles, 1.75 to 2.00 mm and no bigger than 2.75mm needles.  That is pretty small as far as needles for lace goes.  Most lace shawl patterns on Ravelry are knit with needles somewhere in the range of 4 mm and up.  (Not counting for personal gauge, of course)

Orenburg shawls rely on very simple stitches.  Yarn overs, knit 2 together and Knit 3 together.  Yup, that is it, all on a garter stitch ground.  Like anything else in knitting, this very simplicity is the heart of its mystery.

One of the things that intimidated me was that Orenburg lace is noted for having patterning on both sides.  But...the patterning that happens on both sides is no more difficult than what I did on the Watershed (which wasn't so hard once I found my rhythm.)

Orenburg lace won't be hard to do, but it will be intense.  Its beauty is in the very fine fabric created by tiny stitches, and the sheer number of  elements worked to create these stunning shawls.  Add to that the very very fine yarn and you have created a masterwork.

Knitting lace isn't a mystery, it is just mastering your fears. And then doing it.    

Makes me think I will finish the pretty pink thing.

The pink shawl isn't related to Orenburg at all.  Not in its structure, not in it's patterning.  It is related in the things I have chosen to make my version of Icarus  with.  I've used one of the finest yarns in my collection, Skacel Merino lace and I am knitting on small needles, 2.75 mm.  
If I ever want to knit Orenburg lace, I am going to have to be able to finish this relatively simple to knit shawl.  

Its kind of pretty.  And I do have those many, many kinds of pink beads.  I might just be reconnecting to it.  

But not till after these sweaters are done.

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Brendaknits said...

I can't imagine Gossamer weight on 2.00 needles. You have my admiration! - If you try that is:)