Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Little Knitting

I was a paragon of domesticity yesterday  At 9:30 I went up to work on the apples.  If you know someone with more than 1 good apple tree, you know that they are giving stuff away in the fall.  Its been a great season here for apples.  Late frost and warm fall meant that they just got better and better.

Because the variety of these apples was unknown to me, I erred on the side of caution.  They reminded me a lot of my Uncle Victor's good eaters.  Crisp and juicy to eat but they have a different sort of texture when baked.  I made a couple of the pies and made some mini strudels to test just how they performed in baking.  

While they are not quite juicy enough for pies, they will be wonderful for strudels.  The apple gets mushy rather than staying crisp and developing a lot of juice.  For instance, the pies did not really develop that sort of juice that bubbles up from under the crust and soils the bottom of your oven. 

Once the pies were done for the day, I turned to bread baking and that took much of the rest of the day.  I put on a pot of stew for supper, topped it with dumplings and ended my day with only a little knitting done on the kitchen sock but a lot of good things for my freezer.

Today, there will be knitting.  May it be as fruitful as yesterday.  I'm aiming for a sleeve.

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Brendaknits said...

I love a fall day in the kitchen too. Very rewarding - in a pioneer sort of way.