Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I'm knitting away on sweaters here. Mr. Needles is my focus right now. One other has been swatched and a third in the dreaming of stage.  

My question is directed to myself this morning. 'Self', I ask, "self, what on earth are you about when you buy yarn?'

Yes that is the question isn't it?  My stash is proof of my fear of running out of yarn but really, this is quite ridiculous.

This sweater is a perfect example.  Body

and sleeve.
and so far I have used 2 and this much of a third.
Using this as my guide, I would guess that I will use two more skiens of yarn.  

I have 8.  

So ?????  

I wonder if I should change my Ravelry name to something like 'nevergonnarunoutofyarn' ?

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Sandra said...

we ALL need that name...