Thursday, 1 September 2011

What was I thinking

Today started pretty much like I hoped it would.  Had breakfast, read the blogs, knit a little.  I finished the Northampton Neckerchief.  
It needs a good blocking but there is a growing stack of things needing ends sewn in and blocking.  I'll get to that soon enough.

After that, I tackled the WIP baskets and finally merged the last 2 into one big one. 
I also found this. 
This is the new yarn I showed you the other day, plus other bits and bags of yarn that needed putting away.  There sure was enough of it tucked hither and yon.  I swear, it creeps out of the closet on its own.  Yes, that is a huge overflowing laundry basket full of yarn that needs putting away.  

But most curiously, I discovered a project that I must have abandoned.  The needles had been pulled out, there was no notation of what size they had been, no note to self, no raison d'ĂȘtre. Zip. Zing. Nada.  If I pull out the needles from an ongoing project for something else, I always put a card in the bag so I can pick up where I left off.  

Nope this was just a knitting project that seemed abandoned.  Forgotten.  Left behind.  

 Now can somebody explain to me, just what the heck I was thinking, abandoning a perfectly decent pair of yellow socks with one sock complete but for the afterthought heel and the other one with only an inch or so of cuff left to knit on it?  

Sometimes I wonder about me.

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