Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Good Mail

I've really been careful with yarn purchases lately.  (Mr. Needles, back of the class and quit laughing).  OK, I have not been careful, but I have really really cut back.  I would have met my August amount if you only counted yarn, and if I had not had that little encounter with Cascade 220 colour 2448 .  That threw me right off.

Still, other than the Cascade, all the yarn I purchased this month was to finish something.  Well and there was that one skein of blue laceweight. And that Japanese Stitch Dictionary.  (Did I ever mention how I think that Mr. Needles is a pretty great guy?)

Oh well.  No matter how careful I was, the end result is that I am getting the nicest mail.  Here is the result of a couple days mail. 
There on the bottom is an almost chunky looking worsted weight,  Naturally Alpine.  Its an OK yarn, a little coarser than I hoped, but it will be fine for outside wear sweaters and things that are not intended for against your skin wear. There are 2 colours on the pile, a dark green and a really fantastic charcoal.  

To the right in the picture, is a couple of plates of Plotulopi, a deep rich green and a heathery garnet/ copper/ rust confection.  I'm not sure which way these two colours will be used, but they are the additional colours I need to knit something really great with the Plotulopi I ordered from Iceland earlier this year.  

Then up at the top are 3 skeins of the creamiest softest buttermilk whites of Einband you have ever seen.  Desert island, here I come.

And right there, up on top, the crowning achievement, is the single ball of black I needed to finish Lilia Hyrna.  Crowning achievement because I did not forget to order it.  

All these lovely things are sitting here on my desk and oh, how I do love to look at them, to reach out and touch them as I knit or goof off on Ravelry.  As much as I love them, I am being swamped by them.  I am going to have to do a good stash tidy.  No getting away from it.  

I intend to have a really really good time.    

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