Sunday, 4 September 2011

Other things found at the bottom of the basket

I found a little something else in the bottom of the basket that I had completely forgotten about.  

I had taken a class in tvandstickining, - twined knitting - and decided to knit the technique a little, to firm the method in my head.  

The 2 yarns were in the leftovers bin.  One is left from a nice pair of Big Fabel socks and the other, a Calorimetry head band.  They were the same size yarns which was all that mattered to me at the time.  

The way the colours worked out was magical.  Just so perfect.  As you can see, I was trying to turn it into a cozy for my Timmy's tea pot, but the unlike the socks, it wasn't abandoned.  It just got lost in the mire.  

I never did finish the cover for the lid so when I was cleaning, I took out the needles, ripped back the lid and put it all away.  All that was left was one slightly too large wrist warmer.  

It lay it on my desk as I merrily played away tidying yarn.  In the afternoon, I took a break and was knitting on the yellow socks.  I dropped a stitch and did not notice it till it was too far down to knit up easily, so I pulled the crochet hooks out.  

I keep my hooks in an Ikea's small glass vase.  Indeed, I keep all my non-circular needles and odd tools in a variety of these vases.  They are cheap and there is a size for everything.

The clear glass vases work well as storage containers, but the do leave something to be desired as a display. With all the tools they hold, it looks a little industrial, not at all befitting the genteel display of the blue and white china and tea sets and the library air of all my books.
As I was setting the hooks on the shelf, the thought crossed my mind that the tvandstickining piece and vase looked to be about the same size.  So I slipped it on.

It didn't start out to fit this vase, but it fits it as if it had been.  It gives the clear glass some form and shape and pulls it out of the background.  I love it!

I'm thinking about making covers for all the tool vases. Perhaps one of colourwork, one in lace, and one with a little cable something?   Or I could do a theme on the colours.  I know Cascade 220 has the crisp granny apple green and I am sure there is some lavender and turquoise in my stash that would work.  

(I have some green that would work too, but it isn't to the spare yarn stage.  I'm keeping it for some more Fuzzy Wuzzy mittens - there will be acid green mohair involved.)  

Anyway, I do have enough of the Big Fabel left to play it that way if I choose, but I kind of like the idea of different techniques.  And I know just the yarn too.  

Gems Sportweight.  Perfect lavender, just right green. A single colour on each vase.  Blues and white I already have.  It's in the stash somewhere.   

No rush.  I have to finish the sweater and at least one shawl before I go gallivanting on to any other project.  


Brendaknits said...

Those colours are gorgeous together. I can't pronounce the name of that knitting, so won't try

Anonymous said...

Various techniques will be the perfect decor for your room.