Tuesday, 13 September 2011


6 days from cast on in a very busy week.  I am content with that.  It still needs blocking but otherwise, done!

It turned out well.  The little acid green buttons are perfect.  The solid blue is the perfect border (even if it should have been wider for the buttonholes)  The buttonholes are perfect! (even if they needed a few more stitches to work them easily.  

I'm going to have to pepper all but the speediest sweater projects with little things.  Simple scarves, baby things, plain unadorned socks.  It will insert a little gratification into the big things.

Now back to hypnotic lace.  


Sandra said...

love the colours! I'm speeding througha baby sweater myself - tried and true, top down darter yoke cardigan - I have three days total to get this done, otherwise I have to make an extra 100km round trip to deliver it. NOw that's motivation!

Brendaknits said...

6 days from cast on. Wow. I rarely knit baby stuff as I seem to be in that in-between, baby-free decade. But 6 days is inspiring. A great in between big projects thing to knit.