Tuesday, 13 September 2011


When the year began, I decided to work on clearing up some of the WIPS in my baskets.  I have done OK, but I have the hard part left.  The lace.  

These 3, (in order) the Lehe, Icarus 2 and the River Valley shawl will be finished.  There is so little on each of them to do.  Lehe needs just a few more repeats till it is time for the border, the Icarus is ready for the edging, and the River Valley shawl has been pulled back and just needs the last clue, the magnificent border to be completed.  It really isn't a lot of knitting.  

I am less sure of these.

The pink is the first Icarus.  It is stunning, but it is such fine yarn.  I am not entirely sure that I love this fine of a yarn with this simple of a pattern.  It is pretty boring knitting but you cannot ever stop thinking.  The columns must be perfect.  

The green is Watershed by Amy Swenson.  I love this pattern but there is a mistake.  I've tried repairing the mistake, but I am going to have to go back to before the error.  It lace patterning on both sides and 3 different charts for each row.  If I do it, I am going to pull back to where the back panel started and begin again.  But I am also very concerned that I will run out of yarn.  It is a short little thing and I hoped to have enough to go longer, but I'm not sure I have enough to go long enough to make it look right on me.  There isn't anyone who has any of the this yarn in this colour out there, and I am not about to call the entire continent looking for some.  I have to think a lot more about this before I do anything.  

I really hate the idea of ripping them back.  I don't really want to and yet...

There is one more from the yarn my son brought back from his first trip to Ukraine.  I will do it next, but it is going to have to wait till I have one more pair of socks done.    

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Brendaknits said...

With this much lace under your belt, I think you could call yourself an expert.