Monday, 12 September 2011

Baby 4

It feels like it has been taking forever to knit this jacket.  It isn't really, as there just have not been that many hours knitting this last week.

Still, I am ready for it to be done.  

This is where it was yesterday right around dinner time. As we speak, the last sleeve is a mere two rows, no excuse me, two ridges from being complete.  

If I was doing this again, there are things I would do differently.  

First off, I would leave the little solid edgings 2 stitches wider and 2 ridges deeper and maybe even a little more.  I've done 5 plus the slipped stitch (the stockinette looking stitch that borders it) and it was a little small for good buttonholes.  They are there, but it left me just a 2 stitch buttonhole.  The buttons are going to have to be tiny.

I would use a simpler buttonhole.  With 5 stitches a 1 row buttonhole is sort of a pain to knit.

I sure wouldn't 3 needle bind off the shoulders and then, after the fact,  decide to run that bind off down the sleeves again. And if I was going to do that again, I would leave the neckband finishing to the end, so that when I needed to undo the 3 needle bind off, it wouldn't be caught up in the neckband. Sigh.  The join between the 2 bind off sections is OK, but no more than OK.

I like the over all look of the sweater a lot.  The ridge on ridge colour change is perfect for these two strong colours. Two strong pencil crayon colours, my perennial favourites, the ones that were wore down to the nubs each year. They are the perfect thing for a sweet wee boy.

By the evening, I will be back to Cerisara, and I do dearly hope to have 1 sleeve completed shortly.  The baby sweater was a nice little escape from unthinking errors on Cerisara, but as nice as vacations and breaks are, I am looking forward to going back.

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Anonymous said...

It looks perfect for a little man. GD