Thursday, 8 September 2011

Darn it.

Excuse me while I take a wee break even from the break of knitting the wee baby sweater.  

I've some darning to do.  This sock looks in tough shape with that long slit down the centre of the heel and the dark stains on its sole.  The stains are from an old pair of shoes with a bad inner lining.  

Everything on the sole of this sock is great.  The fibre is perfectly sturdy but a couple of washes ago, this long, perfectly vertical split between stitches going up the fabric about an inch appeared.  It isn't the usual problem of wear.  

I like these wee low tennis type socks.  They were made from 1 - 50 gram ball of yarn.  It went right down to the last few inches but it was fun seeing that it could be done for my feet.  I am loathe to lose them.  

So repair it is, for a perfectly good pair of socks.  It will only take a few moments.  Then, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

1 comment:

Brendaknits said...

I darn too. Too much knitting involved to toss an otherwise good sock for a hole.