Friday, 9 September 2011

Baby Sweater Chapter 3

All baby sweater, all the time.  I do have a little bit of a time crunch with it, but crunch really isn't the way to look at it.  There is a family wedding in October and I ought to get to meet the young man then, or at least get to see his grandma and she can deliver it.

Since this is a winging it pattern, I can do what I wanted.  Since I like to follow some direction when I wing it, I am following the path of the estimable Yarn Harlot, and knitting for length till I am sick of it.  (Yarn Harlot mentions this in her sock knitting instructions in Knitting Rules) That is what I did.
I'm going to knit just a wee bit farther, and then I will begin the neckline, collar band, and shoulder.  It looks a little funny right now, the whole sweater laid out like that.

I'm also getting to dangerous territory.  Because I am winging it, I'm going to have to remember what I did on the first neckline so I can match the second neckline.

So....I'm going to have to get the other neck side done today.  I don't think this is wildly optimistic, but I could be wrong.  Still I do have the alternating rows of colours that will help keep me on track and should make this matchy matchy thing easier.

Not to go all matchy matchy, my deskside tape measure matches this green exactly.  Coordinates well with the wee sweater!

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