Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Knitting Baby Things Chapter 2

  Chapter 2 looks a whole lot like Chapter 1

I took it with me to knitting and it survived my non-knitting excursions too.  I ended up knitting this on 2.75mm needles rather than the 3's that seem usual with this weight of wool.  It wasn't a decison based on gauge, but rather needle availability.  

I couldn't find any 3mm but for a set of bamboo.  For this kind of smooth yarn and simple knitting, I just don't care for bamboo. I need metal for the speed and for the slip.  Bamboo is reserved for lace. So 2.75 because they were there.  It is the right needles though.  It feels dense and warm and snuggly.  Very baby. 

I hope to get to underarms today.  This is a deeply unrealistic wish though.  I don't knit near fast enough.  If I follow the 2/3 rule for underarms (thinking of the body in thirds is how traditional ganseys were constructed), I'd need to knit a minimum of 4 inches and realistically, it isn't going to happen.  Not even if all I did was make a pot of coffee and knit.  I know this and yet...

shoot for the moon, I say.  Here we go.

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Brendaknits said...

I am not familiar with the two thirds rule. Does that mean on a body that is 21 inches in length that the armhole depth would be 7 inches? I usually work with EZ's formula of armhole depth = 25% of body circumference. My 40 inch sweaters have a 10 inch armhole