Thursday, 15 September 2011

Oh dear...


There are strange yellow things on the lawn!  

What should I do?  Aghhhhhhhhhhh

The really odd part is other than the lightest touch of frost, it has not frozen in the yard. It's late for a killing frost. Oh things are looking just a wee bit worn and tired, but the frost tender things are still standing.  The ligularia, the bleeding hearts, the lady's mantle, all of these still provide green freshness to the yard.  It will come to an end soon, just as sure as those golden leaves are falling.  

Oh sweater weather.  How I love thee.


Brendaknits said...

Oh dear, is right. Growing up on a tobacco farm in Southern Ontario, we used to have to hustle with the harvest to get it in before the first frost which was always expected by mid September. Now, even though I live three hours further north, we often don't get a first frost until after Thanksgiving. That's global warming, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

We had our first frost yesterday. It didn't mess around with just 0. We had a very chilly -4. Enjoy the greenery while you can. :)GD