Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Ravelry Effect

I spoken of Ravelry often here.  Most people who knit have heard of Ravelry and even more delightful, the site is starting to win some serious technical awards because of the way it is constructed and its very very user friendly ways.  

It has become a nice little social network for many of us and it is a great way to meet other local knitters.  But there is always the Ravelry effect.  

One of our local knitters is in hospital on strict bed rest awaiting the birth of her wee one.  She has been moved to a hospital not far away.  I am going to a greenhouse this morning and thought I would get her some flowers.  The problem is that I know her as LilBean and only as LilBean.   

So here I sit, contemplating the delivery of flowers to the hospital saying these are for LilBean, the knitter.  I can see me saying intelligent things to try to explain how I know this person and I can see me explain why I would know her to see her and I can really see me trying to explain it's a knitting thing.   

Yeah.  I can see it now.  Wish me luck.  Here is hoping someone at knitting knows her last name.  

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Jem's doodles said...

hey, hey. this girl is my sister, laura bosch. she's in grey nuns hospital now. unit 33, room 18, if you're still interested in visiting her.