Thursday, 25 August 2011

In the middle of ordinary

Who would have thought that I would find something so unusual in the middle of an ordinary week?

Here it is in all its unblocked glory.  Poor thing.  

I have to admit, though I wasn't sure at first, I really love the drama of this yarn.  I love how the thick parts are gushy and soft and how the thin parts, where it is tightly twisted, have sheen and crispness. I love how the stitches look in the thin sections, long and drapey and so comfortably relaxed.   

I might add a pewter button or two. The low sheen metallic finish will be just the right thing to compliment the richness of the silvery browns and grays in the yarn.  I'd like to wear it buttoned the way I have it pinned, but I am not sure that it will want to be worn that way.  

I  think this one is going to look great with jeans (or black pants) and a crisp white shirt with a collar. Off setting the drama and interesting texture with crisp simplicity feels right.  

I did not expect this when I started out this week.  I thought I would be working on hypnotic lace. I thought that there would be socks in between. Who knew there was such unexpected magic at the bottom of my very ordinary WIP basket? Who knew it would all be so completely right?   Who knew I needed a break from that lovely lace?

The vest, the yarn, the magic of finding it when I needed it.  All these are the perfect antidote to ordinary.


Sandra said...

that's really nice! And once blocked - I'm sure it will be even better! I love the way you would wear it - a crisp collared white shirt will be the perfect foil.

Brendaknits said...

If it is not ordinary, then it certainly must be EXTRAordinary!