Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Digging in the WIP basket

My hissy fit lasted only until google let me finish my post for the day, and I did not carry said fit with me to knitting.  That would have been sad, to spoil a knitting day with a hissy.  This hussy leaves hissys at home where they can sit in silence and disappear from lack of attention!

But as I said, I did have to find something right for knitting.   I discovered some interesting things.  

There were several bags of yarn that had been tucked in the basket.  I think they must have been put there just to get them out of the way at some point.  I really thought I had kept things in order.  There were a couple things, barely begun that might get worked on and might just get undone and put away.  I'm not entirely sure just when they were started. Till now, I thought I had kept better track of that too.  

And then I found this.  

This is the yarn Mr. Needles brought home from Palm Springs last winter.  This one I remember.  Its lovely stuff.  I did cast on for a project. I only had 5 skeins of yarn, so you guessed it, the project is a simple vest. It was almost but not quite at the try on point.  I think I stopped because I wasn't sure it would look good on me. Silly of me.  

I took it past the underarm join and tried it on.  Looks fine. Actually better than fine.  Different but kind of quirky without being so far out that it couldn't be worn in a 'not a tie' kind of office environment.   

It's very soft and silky feeling.  The soy in this blend does its job well.  It is unexpectedly drapey and almost clingy.  For such a bulky creature, with all that drape, it is going to have to fit simply but closely to look its best. 

To get that close fit and best look, I have been trying it on as each ball was finished.  Last ball yesterday, it was looking really good but that last ball ended right where I would normally do an increase to give it proper fit and shape down the back. I added stitches and this last try on will tell me if the additions were too much.  I have a feeling that I went a little overboard.  But you never know.  It has been a surprise every step of the way. 

The thought of finishing today is almost a little sad.  Its gone so quickly, from not yet joined, to nearing the hem in just one day.  There has hardly been any time to savour it.  Savouring will have to wait till another day, because savouring or not, I. Am. Finishing. It.  Today.  

Trying on is my first task for this morning.  Or it will be, right after I make coffee.  Surely a day with a big finished project should start with some coffee?


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Brendaknits said...

That yarn looks so cool.