Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Working on it

I've been sitting here several hours hurriedly knitting this skein to the end so I can move on to sleeves.  It is just stockinette and the reverse stockinette of the front band.  Finally done that plain bit - the rest will be done after the sleeves are complete -  and about ready to start the sleeves.  
Now I have to do the hard part.  I have to go back to the pattern.  I'm sort of not looking forward to it.  I'm sure that the thing is clear to many many other knitters, but the note/pattern conundrum gives me a headache.  OK, it isn't really a headache, but it sure does not inspire confidence in my ability to read and interpret details.  It actually makes me wonder if I ever could read and interpret details.  I have a very bad feeling that I have always just winged it.

I think I know what the designer did to get the look of the original.   Following my instinct worked on the collar and fronts.  Here is hoping it works for the sleeves.

I've also been debating if I should take it to knitting this morning.  It is going to be a new way of working the pattern.  It is also lace.  Lace and me at public knitting usually is a very bad thing.

There are socks to knit.  There is a blanket that I started a week or two ago.  There is some ongoing lace.  There is a

Ok, dear Google.  You and I are having a little hissy fit. I have written a bunch more of this post several times now and I am tired and cranky.  Thanks for that.  Thanks.  You are not letting me move forward without adding a bunch of stuff that I really don't want to give you...and you are a assuming I have things I don't have. YOU are assuming I have a mobile.  I don't.  I like it that way.  YOU can try to SMS me all you want, but it isn't going to happen...

So, back to knitting.  I'm taking a sock.  A plain sock.    Harrumph.

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Brendaknits said...

Shhh! Stay out of Denise's way today.