Friday, 22 July 2011

Shades of Gray

Things are very very gray today.  The sky is gray, my yarn is silvery gray.  There are no pictures today, because , well, everything is gray.  Its just not that interesting.

Really, who knew I would get this much knitting done in summer?  I really should be out working in the garden, but all the gardens around here are wet, wet wet, and everyone I know is talking about the great wild mustard takeover.  

After yesterdays decently warm sunny loveliness and my fondest hopes that things would hold off one more day the forecast for the day ran true.  2 inches of rain overnight.  It could get depressing.  

Its a good thing I had fibery goodness planned for today.  Spinning this morning, knitting with some friends this afternoon and a visit to the yarn store somewhere in there too.  

Now who could be depressed or even marginally sad with that on their plates?  Not me.   

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