Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Or maybe not desultory.  Maybe it is more disconnected, or busy, or heartsick, or not having long enough to sit still and get down to colourwork?  I don't know. I knit only a very, very little yesterday.  A few rows on an edging.  A few rows on a scarf.  

It might be more of the same today.  The garden gets first dibs on my time.  I should be weeding, but there is a soft rain falling here at home.  I'm heading up to the farm first thing and I'm praying that we have some rain there too.  Right now I need the rain more than I need the weeding done.   

Should it be raining up there (crossing fingers, crossing toes) I am planning on scooting home to knit my heart out.   I would go in to my knit group, but my FIL is here for the week, and I don't want to abandon him.  Of course, he may want me to abandon him so he can have a nice long nap!

If I am lucky, if the stars be with me, I'll have lots of quiet time to knit.  Knitting a good long while will shake out all the clutter from my head and my heart.  Knitting for a good long while will put the universe back on its axis.   

Here is to hoping.  Here is to keeping my fingers crossed.  Here is to a lovely day.

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Sandra said...

I'm hoping that when your universe is back on axis, mine will be too. It's got to get better, right?