Monday, 13 June 2011

And so it goes

And so it goes.

I was a more or less good knitter while I was off in the wilds.  I did stick to the plan.

I completed one full pattern.  What I am calling a pattern is one peerie repeat and one xoxo section.  I had hoped for more, but one will do.   I anticipate much more knitting on this vest this week now that my head is back in colour work.  There isn't that much left before steeking.  And then button bands, pockets, etc.  Lots of details, but once the patterning is done, it will go fast.

I did  need to add a ball of yarn while I was at the lake.  Time conspired against me. The yarn did not get wound into a cake before we left.  I don't usually mind not using my ball winder but oh how I miss my swift when it isn't there.  I had a challenge on my hands.  One way or another, one simply cannot stay as clean as one usually does.  Feet were out.  Mr. Needles was off fishing so he was out. The rain outside limited me. I could not use the picnic table.

What to do?  

Well I did this.  
It worked really well.  What do you think?  It looked almost human to me.  Maybe its name is Wilson?

It is even adjustable in a way.  If the skein is longer and needs to be a little tighter, all you have to do is tilt one arm higher or lower till the tension is right.  If your skein is shorter...  It isn't going to work all the time, but this time it worked just fine.  


Sandra said...

I always think we knitters will ALWAYS find a way to make things work - nice fix, McGyver!

Brendaknits said...

Hee Hee. IT does appear human. Vest looks great.

Christine said...

That vest is amazing! And I love your yarn helper. I'll bet he didn't complain once that his arms were getting tired.