Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A long weekend

We planted our hearts out and barely scratched the surface.  We got trees and potatoes in, but there still is a nice little bunch of spruce to plants, and I think it is going to be up to me to get that done a few at a time.  Somewhere about 3 pm on Saturday, I was heard to mumble 'who thought this *insert curse of choice* thing up'.  My dear husband ungallantly pointed in my direction.

Today I have to go out to find something to mark the rows so that he can work between them later, and then, off to the garden.  There still is corn, peas, onions, and few other things to put in.  All the tender things will wait, unless I find some hotcaps or other frost protection on my jaunt today.  

There has been knitting too, though it isn't what I thought I would be knitting on.  The wool of the shawl is catchy and my hands are a little rough right now.  I picked up some cotton knitting and that seems to be working up easier.  

 I'm trying to knit a polo shirt but I realized too late that I left out too many stitches for the bands.  That stopped this project for a long while, so its been good to knit on it again.  The two bands will be laced together, I think.  So far so fair.  Proof will be when I get the collar done and can try it on.  Then to the severely short sleeves, and then to knit and see how far the yarn will take me.  

I know I am skirting the bounds of yarn quantities here.  I started with 4 balls of the teal when I really should have had 5 to get the length I want.  Once collar andsleeves are done, once I know how much I have left, I will be able to judge just what I have to do to make the teal go farther.  

See the little stripe in the button band?  The same stripe will be appearing in the collar and on the sleeves.  It is part of the plan to get more distance out of the yarn I do have.   The plan right now is to put in a few stripes of rust in the mid section to help the teal go farther.  I am thinking stripes a la Tempestnarrow at the mid section.   And if that doesn't look right, then it will be hippy stripes of rust among the teal.  

My other option is to simply accept that this will be a short top (not fond of this choice).  One way or another, it will be a top I can wear.  It will also be a learning experience and that is never a bad thing.  

Its time to get this day begun.  Off I go into the wild garden yonder.  

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Mrs.Spit said...

If you find all of your friends who have 4 liter milk jugs, and then cut off the bottom, those work beautifully as hot caps.

The polo looks great