Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dirt between my toes?

Not at all.  Because I wear shoes.  And socks.  Planting in a field with some stubble still standing from last year would be murder without shoes.  But my ankles are a study in dirt that only a 4 year old could love.

The wind was up and down today and when it was down it could have been misery.  

I can still hear the buzzing of the swarms that stayed above my head all day today.  They stayed near my head just in case.  I mean who know when a patch of white tasty human skin will stick out?  The mosquitoes here are voracious and plentiful, and they would eat you alive if you stood still without a good layer of deet.  I was prepared.  I bought bug spray before the stores ran out last weekend.   

I know a lot of people won't use it anymore but that only works if you live in cities and towns where they either spray or have a good program for keeping the area free of standing water.  Remember the creek on the front of our property?  Its down to very sluggish or still pools. Mosquito breeding country. 

Deet is my best friend.  (But only when I absolutely need it.  I know.  I'm fickle.)

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Brendaknits said...

For years my husband had a bottle of Muskox in his tackle box - 98% deet. He loved it. Of course he'd like to
see DDT back too.