Friday, 29 April 2011

A Very Good Day

I woke a little early today.  Not to watch the wedding mind  Just because it seems to be what I am doing lately.  The way things go I usually sleep through these things. It was fate.  

So I was awake at 2 and got to see all the hats go into Westminster, and saw the bride and heard all the speculation about the dress and all the fanfare.  

What struck me most though, was how it didn't feel like a big spectacle or a fairy tale.  It felt very real, so genuine.  The fairy tale was still there of course.  

It wasn't in the dress, or the music, or grand church. The fairy tale was in the way she looked at him and he looked at her and the smiles and the comfort between the 2 of them.  Which is just as it should be.  

A marriage shouldn't begin in a big fairytale. It shouldn't begin with so much emphasis on just the beginning of the thing.  A marriage is really all about the forever after.  May they have the very best forever after.

On a much more delightful note, just as the royal couple headed down to sign the papers, I had some very, very good news.  My kids finally, after missing papers, after the long wait for bureaucracy, have been approved.  Now it is just the steps to get the visa in place - the medicals, the interviews but my sweet daughter in law will be here.    It won't be long now.      


Mrs.Spit said...

That's great news!

Anonymous said...

Yay. So glad the move is in site for the kids! GD

Sharyn said...

Congratulations on your good news.

I agree with you about the Royal couple. It seems to me they feel protective of each other. He seems to love her as a husband should. Don't suppose he learned that from his father.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I loved how he told her she looked beautiful at the altar and how when they got in the carriage she said i am just so happy and he said you are and she was like yeah. It totally melted my heart. So happy I got up at 2am to watch it although it was a really long day!

We are so very happy Olga got her papers approved! Hope the next few phases will go super fast and she will be here at last! We can't wait to meet her.

Brenda said...

Congrats on your DIL. How wonderful for your family. As Sharyn wonders what did William learn from his father? I think not to marry someone you don't love. Marry for love. And it appears he has done so.