Thursday, 26 May 2011

A cold day

Yesterday morning, it was cold and chilly, toque weather really, but I worked until it started to rain. I could do the cold.  I could do the wind.  What I could not do is cold and windy in the rain.  I came home to warm up and think about knitting.  

I have precisely one novelty yarn in my stash.  It really isn't a novelty yarn, just a lovely blended multi coloured thing. I love it dearly, and for a very long time, I knew just what I was going to do with it.  And now that the time is getting closer, I am not so sure.  

Just a quick colour note:  The yarn is not brown. It is a lovely olive green and though the photo doesn't show it, they look wonderful together.  
My plan was to have twining cables climbing up as you can see here. I have looked at this little swatch for a long time.  I like it, but I am not sure I can wear something like this.  I worry that the panels of multi would end up looking busy and fussy.  I don't want fussy.

I've also become concerned about the yarns.  I've learned a lot since I first thought this plan up, and now I have doubts.  One is a pure wool sport weight and the other is a linen-cotton-viscose blend.  Its fine for a swatch, but in a garment the size of a sweater, will the yarns work together?  I worry that the wide panels of the mixed fibre will sag in comparison with the wool.  

I did find a bargain cotton and I think the colours work.
 Far from what the photo shows, the green is a real cedar green, warm and lovely. There is a slight sheen to the cotton that will work well with the sheen in the multi and being cotton is a far better choice for with a mixed blend of plant fibres.  I still don't think the cabled panel plan will work.
I'm leaning to a grown up version of this. Its Holly Yeoh's Jaimie, a sweater originally designed and knit with sock yarns, but I feel sure that its modular construction with uneven stripes will give me  some fun and some good structure for the cotton. I could even add a little texture by switching between garter and stockinette.  It would be casual and easy and would take advantage of the multis good qualities without allowing it to overhelm everything else.  

There is no rush.  There so seldom is in my personal knitting.  There are dozens of projects around here to knit, but this is one of several I could drop everything to play with.  I could, but I won't.  I really want to finish the tank.  I really want to finish the big Shetland Shawl. This next project is kind of a reward for finishing.        

What I can do, in the meantime, is swatch and play and somewhere over the next few days, I will.

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Sandra said...

I would worry about mixing the linen cotton with the wool - different sag lengths would not look good. ANd I have to say I agree - not sure the twining cables is the right look. I do love the other style (Hollie Yeohs), and would cast my vote that way.